русская услуги по переводу с английского языка: английская версия версия

how to pay

Payment Options

One of the most convenient payment methods available to my Western customers is the Western Union money transfer service. It is fast, simple and reliable. If you are an USA resident, you should be able to transfer money online within minutes (please visit for details). Their Web site contains a detailed directory of all Western Union dealers and offices, complete with maps. If you don't trust online transactions, chances are that you have a WU office right near you house or place of work.

For residents of other countries, online WU payment may not be an option, but since their agent network is very extensive, you can still find one of of their agents in virtually every city.

The only drawback of the Western Union service is that they charge a rather high commission, and their minimum fee is $15. So, of course, it just doesn't make sense to use their services to pay for translation of a few paragraphs of text1. However, if your order is for $100 or more, I will pay the WU fees myself. In other words, if you owe me $150 for services, you could send me $128 and pay $22 as WU fees (Fees might be different in different cities and states, but the amounts are easily calculated). So you only pay the exact sum you owe to me, and I bear all the expenses.

If your order is under $100, then we could split the costs. Even with costs included, my price may still be lower than those charged by most Western translation companies.

The Anelik offers another payment option. Their agent network is not as large as that of Western Union or Moneygram (see below), but they still have agents in most major cities and many smaller ones. Just check their site at, click on your country and have a look at the list of agents. Anelik's fees are much lower than those of their competitors.

A similar service is provided by Moneygram ( Their commission is usually lower than that of Western Union. Just as with WU, American residents can send money online. In any other country, you will need to visit a Moneygram office. However, this should not be a problem, since they have a large network, and your city is sure to have one or more Moneygram agents.

Another option is offered by and Yandex Money. Unfortunately, both services operate almost exclusively in Russia and former Soviet republics. So if you are currently a resident of one of those countries, you might be interested in trying them. (Just for the record: has nothing in common with

If you are living abroad, you might still find it convenient to become a user of either or Yandex Money, for example if you frequently send funds to your Russian fiancee, friend, or relative. Both systems are convenient for sending small sums, as their fees are very low.

From time to time, my clients use Amazon Gift Certificates to pay for my services. It seems to be a win-win solution. Since I regularly buy books from Amazon, I can use more funds in my account. And since you can pay for Amazon gift cards with your credit card, the entire process takes but a few minutes.

If you think you can suggest any other payment option that is not listed on this page, please do so: I am open to any suggestions.

Unfortunately, neither direct credit card payments nor PayPal are currently an option.

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