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how to pay

Payment Options

One of the most convenient payment methods available to my Western customers is the Western Union money transfer service. It is fast, simple and reliable. Most customers across the world should be able to transfer money online within minutes (please visit for details). Their Web site contains a detailed directory of all Western Union dealers and offices, complete with maps. If you don't trust online transactions, chances are that you have a WU agent right near you house or place of work.

For residents of some countries, online WU payment may not be an option, but since their agent network is very extensive, you can still find one of of their agents in virtually every city.

The only drawback of the Western Union service is that they charge a rather high commission (it varies from country to country and from one agent to another, and there usually is some minimum fee). So, of course, it doesn't make sense to use their services to pay for translating a few paragraphs of text1. However, if your order is for $100 or more, I will pay the WU fees myself. In other words, if you owe me $150 for services, you could send me $128 and pay $22 as WU fees (Fees may be different in different cities and states, but the amounts are easily calculated). So you still pay the exact sum you owe to me, and I bear all the expenses.

If your order is under $100, then we could split the costs. Even with costs included, my price may still be lower than those charged by most Western translation companies.

Anelik offers another payment option. Their agent network is not as extensive as that of Western Union or Moneygram (see below), but they still have agents in most major cities and many smaller ones. Just check their website at or search Google for Anelik agents in your city, and you may be able to find one.

A similar service is provided by Moneygram ( Their commission is usually lower than that of Western Union, but it varies from one country to another. Just as with WU, American residents can send money online. In any other country, you will need to visit a Moneygram office. However, this should not be a problem, since they have a large network, and your city is sure to have one or more Moneygram agents.

Another option is offered by Yandex Money. It used to work only in Russia and CIS countries, but, as far as I know, now it functions internationally. You can check Google to see if it is available in your country.

And, finally, you can pay by transferring funds to my Visa card. I have not tested it with international payments yet, but my bank assures me that money can be sent from foreign countries, and in foreign currencies.

Unfortunately, PayPal is not currently an option.

If you think you can suggest some other payment options that are not listed on this page, please do so: I am open to suggestions.

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