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services and prices

Translations from and into Russian

Services and prices

I specialize in translating texts, audio records, and video films in various subjects from English to Russian and from Russian to English.1 As a rule, translations are delivered as MS Word files (preserving the original layout and formatting) unless a different format is requested by a client. If needed, translations can be prepared and/or typeset in a different program, or converted into HTML pages.

Prices for different types of services can be found in the table below. Large orders (20,000 words or more) are eligible for discounts.

Service Price
Translation of a simple, i.e. not technical or highly specialized, text from Russian to English or vice versa (per word). € 0.05
Translation of technical or specialized texts (containing numerous special terms and/or requiring considerable research work) from from Russian to English or vice versa (per word). € 0.05–0.10
Translation of an audio or video record (if a transcript is available) from English to Russian or vice versa (per word of transcript) € 0.05–0.06
Translation of an audio or video record (if no transcript is available) from Russian to English, per hour, (depending on the record, speech density, number and duration of pauses, etc.) € 20 or more.2
Transcribing Russian audio or video records, interviews, etc, per word of transcript. € 0.03.3
Additional service, including, but not limited to complex formatting, typesetting, searching Russian Web sites and media for news items, preparing reviews, etc. (per hour of work). € 20, or as agreed
Software localization prices are agreed upon individually for each individual project as there are too many factors involved.  

Since I am a Russian national, it is obvious that my English does not always sound as natural as my Russian. So, before you order a translation to English, please take your time to review this site so that you can get an accurate idea of my English.

But not less than € 0.05 per word of the resulting text.

But not less than € 12 per hour of the transcribed record.

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