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How to Get a Free Translation

So, you need to obtain a translation of some Russian text, but you are not able or willing to hire a professional translator. What can one do in such a situation?

First of all, there are numerous automatic translation systems and software, described in more detail on the DIY translations page. They are fast, many of them are free, but—and that's a big "but"—they are not really reliable as far as accuracy of translation is concerned. Still, in most cases they can be successfully used to get a general idea about what the text is about.

But what if you need a professional-quality translation, but can't afford (or are not willing to) to pay for it? The good news is that you can probably still get it.

And that's how: if you intend to place your translation on your Web site, I can make a translation of some 300 words for free, provided that you place a link to my site and my e-mail under the translation. The same offer is good for ezines and other e-publications. Such a link could look something like this:

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